Rite Aid Deal 1/18/2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here is another deal I did at Rite Aid =]

4  Hormel Chilis   4/$5.00
1  TGI Friday Mozzerella Sticks  $0.97
1  TGI Friday Potato Skins  $0.97
2 Hershey Syrups  $2.24 each or $4.48 ->priced at $2.49 but I had the 10%
Making my total at $11.42
I used the following coupon:
$1/2 Hershey Syrup Printables
Bring my total down to $10.42
I then recieved the following in +UP
5  $1 +UP for Hormel Chili
1  $1 +UP for TGI Friday Mozzerella Sticks
1  $1 +UP for TGI Friday Potato Skins
2  $1 +UP for Hershey Syrups
Making my GRAND TOTAL : $1.42 which was for the Hershey Syrup!


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I keep noticing you mention the 10% off- is that from a special +up RR? I am new to this so I am having trouble figuring it all out. Thanks! KK

FrugalFreebees said...

Rite Aid Wellness Program. As you purchase items you accumulate points, which you can find on the bottom of you reciept. Well once you reach 125 points you will recieve a one time 10% pass on non-prescription items. Then once you reach 500 points you will become a silver + member where you can get 10% everyday on non-prescription items then finally one you reach 1000 points you will become a gold + member where you can get 20% everyday on non-prescription items. Also you only can get the 10% on non sales items. You have up until the end of the year to reach the goals. At the end of the year if you reached the silver or gold member. You points restart at the end of the year like everyone but you will still be a silver or gold member but you will have to still accumulate the points all over again to be able to stay a silver or gold member for the following year. I hope I made sense and helped you out.

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