Sunday, January 9, 2011

So today I went to Rite Aid and came home with a whole bunch of food for free!! At first when I heard that the $5/$25 were gonna be around I was very sad thinking that I wouldn't be able to do Rite Aid deals at much but boyy was I wrong! I am really loving this extra +UP Reward that is printing up for some food items! The following food items I deffently know are printing the extra +UP where you can get them for free this weeks deals:
Oberto Beef Jerky - (Also have $1.00 peelie on some and they have $0.50 Video Values coupon which will make this item free with $0.50 profit)
which will give $1.50 profit)
Barilla Pasta
Fiber Plus bars are B1G1 free this week so you pay $3.69 but it prints out $1.00 +UP for each item also so you pay $1.69 or $0.85 each -> WHICH IS AMAZING =]
So basically I got everything in the photo above for free =] yay!

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