Weekly Round - Up 6/20 - 6/26

Friday, June 25, 2010
Okay this week I didn't go crazy on the freebees! I have to photos one of my freebees and the other of the items I got for less then a dollar! I also made money this week on Renu & Nivea!

Here is everything I got for free this week! I shopped at CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid & Target!
  1. (1) Renu Sensitive Solution (Made $2.00) - Walgreens
  2. (1) Renu Sensitive Solution B1G1 Pack (Made $0.50) - Walgreens
  3. (2) Colgate Pro-Clinical Toothpaste - Rite Aid
  4. (2) Nivea Q10 Shave Gel (Made $1.00) - Target
  5. (1) Ivory Body Wash - Target
  6. (1) Olay Body Wash (paid $0.72 for but my overage from Nivea covered) -Target
  7. (2) Rayovac AA Batteries - Target
  8. (2) Rolaids 4pk - Target
  9. (1) Motrin PM - Rite Aid
  10. (1) Colgate Advance - CVS
  11. (2) Rephresh Brilliant Tampons - Walgreens
  12. (1) CVS Shaving Cream (Made $0.30) - CVS
  13. (1) Olay Body Wash Sample
  14. (1) Prilosec Sample
  15. (2) Kraft Mayo Sample (in Mail)
  16. (2) Kraft Mayo Sample (from Winn Dixie)
  17. (1) Hugo Cologne Sample
  18. (2) Paint Samples
  19. (1) Special K Bar
  20. (1) Neti Sinus Rinse
  21. (1) Playtex Gentle Glide Sample

Which puts me a grand total of 30 free items this week & a saving of $65.83!

This photo is all the items i got for a $1.00 or less this week. I got these items at Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Rite Aid & Target! I was most excited about the Betty Crocker Mashed Potatos.
  1. (4) Betty Crocker Potatos -$0.50 each
  2. (2) Kraft Salad Dressing - $0.50 each
  3. (2) Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner - $0.50 each
  4. (1) Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce - $0.25
  5. (1) Pantene Pro-V Shampoo - $0.99
  6. (1) Pantene Pro-V Conditioner - $0.99

I got a total of 11 items, spent a total $6.25 saved a total of $17.94 from the weeks sales.


Dee said...

Wow - I am constantly amazed at how you are able to do this! I might have missed it, as I am not on the internet very much during the week, but can you explain how you are able to do this each week? I understand with the samples, but you do such a great job with the other items, I'd love to know your secrets! I love to learn!

Lorrie said...

Great job! I was able to get 15 organic items for free this week.


FrugalFreebees said...

Couponing is pretty much a game and you just have to learn how to play it. Basically sitting down figuring out what coupon to use and when. Looking at other blog are always helpful but you can always find great deals yourself while your in the store. There are so many ways to get free items wheather it's with Register Rewards at Walgreens, Extra Care Bucks at CVS, +Up or Single Check Rebates at Rite Aid or Mail in Rebates. You can also get alot of free items using coupons(which you can get online, in store or in the sunday paper!) It's just amazing how it's possible to get such great deals with coupons! but like I said just think of it as a game. Once you learn the rules there is tons of items you can get free!

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