Save A Lot- 1/24/2011

Monday, January 24, 2011
So I took a ride over to Save A lot today just to see what items they have and their prices. Well, up front by the register they had 6 baskets of items they were marking down! Well here is what I got...

8  Nursing Pads  $0.50 each or $4.00
2  Glass Cleaner  $0.50 each or $1.00
1  Lysol Kitchen Cleaner $0.50
1  Spray Bottle  $0.50
1  Plastic Cups  $0.50
1  Plastic Bowls $0.50
2  Scotch Scissors  $1.49 each or $2.98
Making my total $9.98

I used two coupons that was found hanging by the scissors
2  $1.00/1 Scotch Scissors
Bring my total down to $7.98

** This is awesome concidering the Nursing pads were $3.99 regularly. I'm not breast feeding but I found someone who is and was very excited about them =]

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